Big Toot

The Spirit of Mandurah

Approximate trip duration : 60 minutes for all 10 stations

Introducing The Spirit of Mandurah (Big Toot) and is the ONLY (road licensed) trackless train in Australia. It is licensed to carry up to 60 people and is a great way to explore and experience Mandurah. Big toot is also available for functions and events and is great for children’s parties and other group bookings. The Big Toot has three wagons, one of them is a sheltered covered glass version whilst the additional wagons are open to catch the breezes on a sunny day.

Stopping at 10 of our favourite Mandurah destinations, the Big Toot is the perfect way to see all of Mandurah in just a quick 50 minutes! Jump onboard the Big Toot at station 1 located on Mandurah Terrace in between the Foreshore Play Area and an open-air carpark. The train ventures on the main roads of Mandurah and is on a set route from station 1 through to station 10. This is a hop on – hop off service, with the ticket valid for use over the whole day.

Big Toot operates weekends and school holidays (weather permitting) with tickets available from the website (book now button below), the Visitors Centre or one of our friendly drivers. 

Please click on our interactive map below to find out more about the attractions to see and visit at each stop.

STATION 1 “Eastern Foreshore” STATION 2: "The Cultural Centre" STATION 3: "Stingray Wharf" STATION 4: "Keith Holmes Reserve" STATION 5: "Mandurah Ocean Marina" STATION 6: "Breakwater Road" STATION 7: "Smart Street Mall" STATION 8: "Mandurah War Memorial" STATION 9: "Mandurah Skatepark" STATION 10: "Tidal Pool" Mini Toot

STATION 1 “Eastern Foreshore”

WHAT'S NEAR: Informatin Centre, “Mini Toot”, playground, Café, Pubs, Restaurants, BBQ’s

There’s lots to do; walking, jogging, boating, cycling, fishing, swimming, just sitting watching the friendly dolphins, black swans and pelicans or enjoy a ride on “Mini Toot”. Great family Fun.

STATION 2: "The Cultural Centre"

WHAT'S NEAR: Performing Arts Centre, Yaburgurt Memorial.

Yaburgurt Memorial – located on Mandjar Square, celebrates and commemorates the life of the Aboriginal leader Yaburgurt, also known as George Winjan, who was a survivor of the Pinjarra Massacre of 1834. 

The first inhabitants of the area were the Bindjareb people of the Noongar ethnic group, who named the place Mandjoogoordap (now anglicised to Mandurah), which means "meeting place of the heart”.

On an Aboriginal history and culture tour, connected with the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre, you can learn the stories, secrets, and traditions of one of the oldest surviving cultures on Earth.

STATION 3: "Stingray Wharf"

WHAT'S NEAR: Situated nearby, is the scenic viewpoint Pavilion Jetty, The Moreton Bay Fig tree on Stingray Point was planted around 1930.

This beautiful setting, historically Mandurah’s “deep water port” where locally caught fish were shipped to Perth, is close to nature and with panoramic views across Mandjar Bay is an extremely popular venue for outdoor wedding ceremonies. 

STATION 4: "Keith Holmes Reserve"

WHAT'S NEAR:   The skeletal wooden boat replica on the foreshore is popular with the little ones. With a large steering wheel and a small telescope, they can spot pirates approaching Dolphin Quay and the Mandurah Marina. Nearby there are BBQ’s, cafes, restaurants, and shops. Other attractions include a shady, sandy purpose-built kiddie's beach. Fitness stations are located near the playground and Mandurah Foreshore is just a short walk away.

STATION 5: "Mandurah Ocean Marina"

WHAT'S NEAR: A relaxing waterside lifestyle awaits at the world-class Mandurah Ocean Marina, with cafes, restaurants, and shops at the popular Dolphins Quay. Adjacent is a sweeping stretch of landscaped public open space.

STATION 6: "Breakwater Road"

WHAT'S NEAR: The Town Beach at Comet Bay. Clear Indian Ocean water with sandy beaches stretching north provides a great retreat for swimming and surfing. Close-by is the “Mandurah Offshore Fishing and Sailing Club” founded in 1979 by the Booker Family and several other keen fishers.

STATION 7: "Smart Street Mall"

WHAT'S NEAR: The City of Mandurah’s CBD and the 150+ year old Christ’s Church Anglican Church. A wander through the Church’s gardens and gravestones reveals much of the local history of Mandurah. Thomas Peel and many of the district's early settlers are buried in the churchyard. You will also find a wooden pew constructed by Joseph Cooper, an early pioneer who built “Cooper’s Mill” on Cooleenup island in Sth Yunderup. On the Western end of the Mall are playgrounds, BBQ’s, cafés, restaurants and “Mini Toot”.

STATION 8: "Mandurah War Memorial"

WHAT'S NEAR: King Carnival, Hall's Cottage, and War Memorial. mini golf. BBQ. Beach, family bathing area. 

The Mandurah War Memorial commemorates those who have served in the various conflicts in which Australia has been involved. The award-winning architecture was inspired by the geography of ANZAC Cove, the gallantry of those who fought this battle and the bearing of sunrise on ANZAC Day.

Hall's Cottage was built by Henry Edward Hall in 1833, Hall was the first person to develop a fishing industry in the Mandurah district, this whitewashed stone, shingle-roofed cottage, one of the first dwellings in the state is now a museum of local history.

STATION 9: "Mandurah Skatepark"

WHAT'S NEAR: Western foreshore area that includes the skate park, basketball, playgrounds, swimming pool and adjacent Hall Park with “Frisby” disc golf. The Historic Sutton's Farm & Graveyard, dating back to 1861, is just nearby.

STATION 10: "Tidal Pool"

WHAT'S NEAR: Eastern Foreshore Tidal Pool is a public swimming pool in the City of Mandurah. 

Mandurah Museum, Café, Pubs, Restaurants, BBQ’s and Sunday Market.

The long history of changes and growth leaves Mandurah with a precious and unique cultural heritage. A heritage and culture that continues to fascinate and entertain tourists.

 Let’s meet again in Mandurah, and don’t forget to let your family and friends know about my beautiful hometown and me.


Station 1: Eastern Foreshore

Station 2: The Cultural Centre

Station 3: Sting-ray Wharf

Station 4: Keith Holmes Reserve

Station 5: Mandurah Ocean Marina

Station 6: Breakwater Road

Station 7: Smart Street Mall

Station 8: Mandurah War Memorial

Station 9: Mandurah Skatepark

Station 10: Tidal Pool


Additional Services

Mini Toot

The Mandjar Bay Funtrain (Mini Toot), this is the smaller of our two trains and is especially suited for young families and small children. It has four small wagons and takes a route North – South along the Eastern Foreshore of the beautiful Mandjar Bay.


Big Toot is road registered and is licensed to carry up to 60 people and with its clever design features, it can manoeuvre through even  tight of places. It has three wagons, one of them is a sheltered covered glass version  that are comfortable, very smooth and quiet

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