Big Toot – Giants Tour

Giants Tour – Runs weekends and holidays

Approximate trip duration: 2hrs (From 4pm to 6pm)

Hop on The Spirit of Mandurah (Big Toot), the ONLY (road licensed) trackless train in Australia and explore the outskirts of Mandurah to discover the first 2 giants on the City of Mandurah discovery trail.

Stopping at both of Thomas Dambo’s incredible giant sculptures: Yaburgurt Winjan Cirkelstone (in Coodanup) and Santi Ikto (in Koolyinnap in Halls Head).

Big Toot’s Giants Express operates on weekends and school holidays (weather permitting) with tickets available from the website (book now button below), Visitors Centre, or one of our friendly drivers. 

Choose to do the 4pm to 6pm giants tour by itself or grab the fantastic package deal and hop on or off all day on the Big Toot city tour, AND then see the Giants at the end of a wonderful day.

Yaburgurt Winjan Cirkelstone – Coodanup

Yaburgurt Winjan Cirkelstone, the Thomas Dambo’s giant sculpture at Coodanup.

“The clouds must let the raindrops fall until the earth will open.”

Yaburgurt is the newest of the Danish artist, Thomas Dambo’s giant sculptures.

Yaburgurt was built with the assistance of FORM and local community volunteers, he was constructed from recycled materials, and installed in May 2023. Yaburgurt replaces the original Dambo giant Vivi Cirkelstone sculpture which was destroyed by arsonists in December 2022.

Yaburgurt is depicted as the big brother of Vivi and, in consultation with local Bindjareb Elders named honouring a respected local Elder, Yaburgurt or, George Winjan。

Yaburgurt Winjan Cirkelstone  rests on the land of the Bindjareb Noongar people and is seen creating a circle of stones around the memorial ashes of his beloved little sister Vivi Cirkelstone.

Bindjareb Elders and the community have welcomed Yaburgurt by creating a circle of care and protection around him.

Santi Ikto – Halls Head

Santi Ikto, is Thomas Dambo’s, giant sculpture at Halls Head.

“First the sun must hit the ocean, so the ocean turns to clouds.”

This majestic 7-metre-tall giant sits cross legged, high on the sand dunes overlooking the Indian Ocean.
He is a wise old giant with a big bushy beard fashioned from sticks. His arms are raised above its head, fingers outstretched to the sky as if asking the sun to evaporate water from the ocean to turn it into clouds, so that the rain can once more nourish the land.

Santi Ikto was built in collaboration with local community volunteers and created from recycled scrap wood, old pallets, twigs, and debris.

Additional Services

Mini Toot

The Mandjar Bay Funtrain (Mini Toot), this is the smaller of our two trains and is especially suited for young families and small children. It has four small wagons and takes a route North – South along the Eastern Foreshore of the beautiful Mandjar Bay.


Big Toot is road registered and is licensed to carry up to 60 people and with its clever design features, it can manoeuvre through even  tight of places. It has three wagons, one of them is a sheltered covered glass version  that are comfortable, very smooth and quiet

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Mini Toot

Weekdays 10:00 - 16:00

Weekends 10:00 - 16:00

Big Toot

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